Melissa Higginbotham, D. Div., D.S.S., RScP, serves on the faculty of Emerson Theological Institute, teaching and developing Practical Spirituality and Vibration curricula. She is an Interfaith and Religious Science Minister affiliated with the Emerson New Thought Center (ENTC), “Church Without Walls,” for which she holds the job of editor for ENTC’s newsletter, New Thoughts. Melissa’s introduction to sound and color was sparked by a color breathing assignment by her voice teacher over 30 years ago. Her curiosity and adventurous spirit led to the discovery of tuning forks, crystal bowls, percussion instruments, Reiki, and finally into a unique spiritual path of sound and consciousness.

As a minister, sound and color healer, spiritual coach, and holistic energy practitioner, she led workshops globally on the creation languages of sound and color, practical spirituality, consciousness, and spiritual healing. Melissa is a member of the Sound Healers’ Association, The Labyrinth Society, and the Affiliated New Thought Network, for which she recently served on the Board of Directors. She is a Religious Science Practitioner, colorpuncture therapist, and Reiki Master. Read her uplifting messages on Facebook or follow her on Twitter at @aquariflame. Her music can be found at


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